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Birds Around DPS Tapi: Bar-headed Goose

Bar-headed Goose found near Delhi Public School Tapi at Surat. (Please wait for a few seconds while the photos load onto the gallery. This may depend on your internet speed)
Scientific Name: Anser indicus
Classification :
     Kingdom    : Animalia
     Phylum      : Chordata
     Class          : Aves
     Order         : Anseriformes
     Family        : Anatidae
    Genus         : Anser
    Species      : A. indicus

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DPS Tapi Birders welcome the Ruddy Shelducks to Surat

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Baya Weaver Birds Weaving their nest

Baya Weaver Birds Weaving their nest : I was out on Sunday morning (06-09-2015) around Delhi Public School Tapi at Surat looking to observe and photograph birds when I came across these amazing weaver birds. I was completely engrossed simply observing them at work. They were skilfully weaving their nest and working very hard and I was amazed by this. Although I do not normally take videos and was not prepared for a video shoot, it was so compelling that I thought the students of our birding club would enjoy watching it. So, although the video is shaky I thought it was worth a try. I shot this video handheld with a Canon-7D Mark-II and a Tamron-150-600 mm lens.

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Young Birders of DPS Tapi : First experience with Birds

Young Birders of DPS Tapi : First experience with Birds

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What a great experience it was to go bird watching. We ( 8 of us from Class-6) assembled in front of the school at 7:30 am. Each one of us was given binoculars by Mr. Sivakumar who was our guide on our first bird watching trip. After explaining to us how to use the binoculars and some other instructions we were off to see the birds and we were all excited about this trip. We were lucky that right from the start we saw so many different birds. The best part was we went through the villages and got an experience of rural life also. We saw the village ponds and the birds around them. Also we went through un-metalled roads and it was an amazing experience walking through the paths to the bird habitats. We saw so many different birds some of them were:

  1. Little Cormorant (drying its wings on top of a tree)
  2. Glossy Ibises
  3. Black headed Ibises
  4. Weaver Birds
  5. Greater Caucal (it was carrying a lizard on its beak)
  6. Purple Heron
  7. Indian Pond Heron
  8. Grey heron
  9. Indian Silver bills (Muniyas)
  10. Asian open bill stork
  11. Oriental Magpie robin
  12. Black shouldered kite
  13. Red Wattled Lapwings
  14. Purple Swamphen
  15. Spotted Doves
  16. Black Drones
  17. Black Winged Stilts
  18. River Terns
  19. White Throated King Fishers
  20. Cinnamon Bittern ( We were lucky to see this very shortly after we left school in the first pond as the bird came out of the reeds)
  21. Cattle Egrets
  22. Little Egrets
  23. Great Egrets
  24. Bay backed Shrike

We had a great experience of seeing so many birds in a short time and also enjoyed seeing them in a natural setting. We had to come back to school at 9:00 am to attend regular classes. We really enjoyed seeing the birds. It was really a new experience for us. Thank you Sir, Mr. Sivakumar for introducing us to this wonderful hobby and spending your valuable time with us. We are waiting eagerly for our next bird watching trip.

Charu Bajaj -Class-6-B
Zainab Januhasan-Class- 6-A
Paridhi Thakar-Class- 6-B
Prachi Mittal-Class-6-A
Anushka Saxena-Class-6-A
Kiratpreet Kaur Chhabra-Class-6-B
Simmin Lakhani-Class -6-B
Disha Murarka-Class-6-B

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Young DPS Tapi Birders in action

Young DPS Tapi Birders in action : A group of Class VI Birders are completely engrossed in observing and identifying a bird in the fields near Delhi Public School Tapi. Turns out the birds were Painted Storks.

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