Little Egret

Little Egret around Delhi Public School Tapi at Surat:

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Scientific Name :Egretta garzetta

Kingdom             : Animalia
Phylum               : Chordata
Class                   : Aves
Order                  : Pelecaniformes
Family                 : Ardeidae
Genus                  : Egretta
Species               : E. garzetta

How do I identify these birds:

Observe the bird in the photo gallery above and note the following:

  • It is about 55-65 cms long
  • It is a slim and graceful bird
  • It has a slim black bill
  • Its plumage is all white and in the breeding season the adult has prominent plumes on nape, breast and mantle
  • It has black legs with yellow feet
  • Its lores (the bare skin between the bill and eyes) becomes red or blue yellowish during courtship
  • It has a wingspan of about 88-106 cms
  • They make various croaking and bubbling calls at their breeding colonies and produce a harsh alarm call when disturbed but generally silent
  • They fly like a heron with the neck pulled in and with steady wing beats
  • Both male and female are similar
  • Juveniles are similar to non-breeding adults but have greenish-black legs and duller yellow feet.
Where do I find these birds :
  • They are very common in the fields around DPS Tapi and DPS Surat and all around Surat especially in the outskirts.
  • There are found in marshlands, paddy fields.
  • It feeds on fish, insects, frogs and small reptiles.
  • They generally nest between July -August. The nest is a shallow platform made of twigs, straw and leaves.  It roosts on trees.
Local Names :

Hindi          : Kilchia, Karchia bagla
Bengali       : Chhota korche bak
Assamese   : Teteri bog
Tamil          : Chinna vellai kokku