Grey Heron

Grey Heron near Delhi Public School Tapi at Surat.

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Scientific Name : Ardea cinerea
Kingdom      : Animalia
Phylum         : Chordata
Class              : Aves
Order             : Pelecaniformes
Family           : Ardeidae
Genus            : Ardea
Species          : A. cinerea

How to identify this bird :
  • It is about 90-98 cms long
  • It is a tall stork like bird
  • It has a whitish head and neck with black head plumes, greyish white below and black patches on belly
  • It has a conspicuous black dotted line down middle of forelock
  • It has a long slender S-shaped neck
  • It has a narrow head, and a pointed dagger like bill, 
  • The adult has yellow bill
  • In flight, black flight feathers contrast with grey upper wing and underwing-coverts.
  • Immature has dark cap with variable crest, greyer neck, and lacks or has reduced black on belly.
Where do I find these birds :
  • It can be found singly in jheels with reeds, rivers etc.
  • You can find them in such reedy places just off the main road not very far from DPS Tapi.It wades through shallow water very carefully with its neck craned and bill poised.
  • It may stands hunched up but alert waiting to feed on fish or frogs which may just come within striking range.
  • Its call is a deep harsh croak uttered in flight.
  • It nests between July -September and makes its nest on a twig platform lined with grass etc., on trees along where other birds may also make their nests.
Local Names:

Hindi     : Nari, Anjan, Sain, Kabud
Bengali : Anjan, Kank
Tamil     : Sambal Narai, Narai