Great Egret

Great Egret found near Delhi Public School Tapi at Surat.
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Scientific Name : Casmerodius albus / Ardea alba / Egretta alba 
Classification :
Kingdom             : Animalia
Phylum               : Chordata
Class                   : Aves
Order                  : Pelecaniformes
Family                 : Ardeidae
Genus                  : Ardea
Species               : A. alba

How do I Identify this bird :
  • It is a lanky snow white egret and is very large in size and about 65 -72 cms long
  • Its bill is black and yellow or yellow.
  • Its legs are black
  • It has a very long neck and large Black line of gape extends behind eyebill
  • Normally during the breeding season the bill is deep black, with contrasting blue-grey or lime-green lore, and the legs are also black (including the feet) but with yellow on the tibia, down to and including the ‘knees’.
  • In full breeding condition for  a short time they have green lores (vivid turquoise-green) above the intense black bill. Also note the legs (tibia) are pale red.
  • By late summer, orange or bright primrose-yellow starts to appear on the bill base, gradually increasing in size so that by autumn the bill is completely orangey-yellow, remaining this colour throughout the winter
  • Difficult to distinguish from other egrets in non-breeding plumage except the little egret which has black and yellow feet.
Where do I find this bird :
  • You can see this bird in the paddy fields around DPS Tapi and DPS Surat .
  • They are generally found in marshy places, rivers etc.
  •  They feed on fish, frogs etc.
  • They nest during July – February. Their nest is a flimsy platform of sticks on trees.
Local Names : 

Hindi          : Bada bagla
Bengali      :  Bada bak
Assamese : Bor bog
Tamil         : Chennarai