Common Coot

Common Coot  is found in the wetlands a little away from Delhi Public School Tapi at Surat.
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Scientific Name : Fulica atra
Kingdom             : Animalia
Phylum                : Chordata
Class                     : Aves
Order                   : Gruiformes
Family                 : Rallidae
Genus                  : Fulica
Species                : F. atra

How do I identify this bird :

Observe carefully the photos in the gallery above and note the following:

  • This bird is about 36-38 cms long.
  • It is blackish (slaty black) in colour.
  • It is a practically tailless bird.
  • It has ivory white pointed bill (not flat) and frontal shield (on forehead).
  • It looks like a duck when swimming at a distance.
  • It has a peculiar and characteristic lobed or scalloped toes.
  • It skitters along the water to take off, half running and half flying.
  • It struggles at take off but once in the air flies strongly.
Where do I find this bird :  
  • These birds have been seen in a waterbody full of reeds near the village called Pinjrat near DPS Tapi.
  • They are generally found in reed edged lakes and ponds and in winter their numbers increase due to migrants from central and western Asia.
  • The nesting season is mainly July/ August.
  • The nest is usually a large compact mass of rushes among matted reeds slightly above water level.
Local names:

Hindi        : Thekari
 Gujarati   : Aad, Dasadi
 Marathi   : Poonaar