Grey Francolin

Grey Francolin found near Delhi Public School Tapi at Surat.
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Scientific Name: Francolinus pondicerianus
Classification :
Kingdom  : Animal
Phylum     : Chordata
Class          : Aves
Order         : Galliformes
Family       : Phasianidae
Subfamily : Perdicinae
Genus        : Francolinus
Species      : F. pondicerianus

How to identify this bird:
  • Grey Francolin is a plump bird about 33 cms long.
  • It is a greyish-brown game bird.
  •  It has finely barred upper parts with shaft streaking and finely barred underparts.
  • It is stub-tailed
  • It has a rufous buff throat with fine dark necklace (the buff is enclosed by circular broken blackish line). See the photos in the photo gallery above.
  • Both male and female are similar but the female does not have spurs whereas the male has a pointed spur on both the legs. Try to identify this in the photogallery above.
Where do I find this bird: 
  • The Grey Francolin is found near DPS Tapi in the dry fields and sometimes crossing the roads.
  • It is generally found near the village cultivations and in dry, open grass or in thorny scrubs.
  • It commonly avoids heavy forest and humid watery places. But occasionally  like in the photo gallery above you may see it was near a wet field.
  • They are found in pairs or in coveys (small flocks).
  • The feed by scratching the ground or cattle dung for seeds, grain, termites and other insects.
  • Male often calls from a vantage point with a rapidly repeated khateeja- khateeja- khateeja or pateela-pateela and the female responds with a more simpler and less noisy sound.
  • It is mainly found on the ground but roosts on trees such as babul.
  • Grey Francolin normally uses its legs to run away to escape from people and is a very fast runner.
  • It flies swiftly with a few rapid beats of its rounded wings, followed by a short glide.
  • It nests all round the year by making a grass lined nest in a ploughed field or grassland.

Local Names:
Hindi             : Safed tentar
Marathi         : Chittur
Telugu           : Kawanga
Kannada       : Gowjal hakki
Malayalam   : Kozhi kata
Tamil             : Kondari, Kauthari