Red-necked Falcon

Red-necked Falcon also called the Red-headed Falcon is found near Delhi Public School Tapi at Surat.


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Scientific Name : Falco chicquera
Classification :
Kingdom  : Animalia
Phylum    : Chordata
Class        : Aves
Order       : Falconiformes
Family      : Falconidae
Genus       : Falco
Species    : F. chicquera

How to identify this bird :
  • The Red-necked Falcon is a relatively small bird. It is an elegant little falcon about 31-36 cms in length.
  •  It is a very powerful falcon.
  • It has pointed wings and a long tail.
  • It flies very fast and dashes towards its prey.
  • When the photos in the above photo gallery were taken this Falcon had just tried to attack another small bird and missed narrowly and landed on a lamp post disappointed and looking for another opportunity.
  • It has a rufous crown and nape.
  • It has pale blue-grey upper parts, white underparts finely barred with black.
  • It has a grey tail with a broad black subterminal band.
Where do I find this bird: 
  • The Red-necked Falcon is found in the open plains and countryside with scrubs amongst cultivation around villages.
  • The bird in the photo gallery was found a little away from DPS Tapi in the midst of reed-beds. Probably trying to feed on Weaver birds.
  • It avoids humid forest tracts.
  • It feeds on small birds, mice, rats, lizards and insects.
  • Its flight is straight and swift mostly due to the rapid and regular wing beats as in Sparrowhawk.
  • The male and female usually hunt together. One driving and heading off the quarry while the other pursues and strikes it down.
  • It makes a high pitched squeal.
  • Mainly nests between January to May by making a platform of twigs lined with grass or roods on top of trees or old buildings.
Local Names: 

Hindi  : Turumti, Turumtari (female)