Common Kingfisher

Common Kingfisher (Also called the Small Blue Kingfisher) is found near Delhi Public School Tapi at Surat. (Please wait for a few seconds while the photos load onto the gallery. This may depend on your internet speed)

Scientific Name : Alcedo atthis
Kingdom : Animalia
Phylum    : Chordata
Class         : Aves
Order        : Coraciiformes
Family      : Alcedinidae
Genus       : Alcedo
Species     : A. atthis

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How to identify this bird:

  • The Small Blue Kingfisher or the Common Kingfisher is small kingfisher about 16 cms long.
  • As you can observe in the photo gallery above, it is blue green in colour on its head and wings.
  • It has a turquoise line on its back and its underparts are deep rust coloured.
  • It has a long, straight and pointed bill.
  • Its tail is short and stumpy.
  • Both male and female are alike.

Where do I find this bird:

  • Although this bird is called common Kingfisher the most common type of Kingfisher is the White breasted Kingfisher. However, if you observe carefully on the way to DPS Tapi along the roadside you will find this bird.
  • Generally you can see them looking down on water near streams/water canals, puddles of water, ponds etc , perched alone on branches of trees or bushes and also on wires. Mainly found near ponds near villages where there is less disturbance.
  • It moves its head from side to side and keeps jerking its tail accompanied by a low click sound.
  • When it flies it makes a sharp chichee, chichee, chichee, … sound and goes down flying low from one perch to another.
  • It also hovers sometimes.
  • It feeds on small tadpoles, fish and aquatic insects.

Local Names:

Hindi : Nika Machhrala, Nita Machhrala, Chhota kilkila