Bronze-winged Jacana

Bronze-winged Jacana : Found near the villages around Delhi Public School Tapi at Surat.
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Scientific Name: Metopidius indicus
Classification :
Kingdom  : Animalia
Phylum     : Chordata
Class          : Aves
Order         : Charadriiformes
Family       : Jacanidae
Genus        : Metopidius
Species      : M. indicus

How do I identify this bird:

Take a look at the photo gallery of both the adult and juvenile Bronze-winged Jacana above. Observe the following:

  • The adult bird has a glossy black head, neck and breast.
  • It has a metallic greenish bronze back and wings.
  • Its has a chestnut-red stub tail.
  • It has a white stripe behind eye to nape.
  • It has big, elongated spider-like toes.
  • The immature (juvenile) birds are brownish as you can see in the photos.
  • Both male and female adults look alike.
Where do I find this bird: 
  • You can find these birds in village ponds around DPS Tapi.
  • They are usually found on floating vegetation like water lilies.
  • Their elongated spider-like toes help to spread their body weight. This enables it to move with ease over floating leaves and stems.
  • It is a good swimmer and dives occasionally.
  • If they are not disturbed they become fearless and they can be observed at close distance.
  • It feeds on roots and seeds of aquatic plants and it also eats insects and molluscs.
  • It is a noisy bird during the breeding season. Generally it makes a loud short grunt and also a seek-eek-seek noise.
  • It breeds during June – September. It makes its nest on floating leaves.
Local Names:

Gujarati  : Kajo jal manjar
Bengali   : Jal pipi, Dal Pipi, Karatiya