Common Hoopoe

Common Hoopoe found near Delhi Public School Tapi at Surat.
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Scientific Name : Upupa epops
Kingdom             : Animalia
Phylum                : Chordata
Class                    : Aves
Order                   : Bucerotiformes
Family                 : Upupidae
Genus                  : Upupa
Species                : U. epops

How to identify this bird: 

See the photo gallery above and observe carefully the features of the Common Hoopoe.

  • It is about 31 cms long and is  a fawn coloured bird with an Orange buff.
  • It has black and white wings and tail.
  • It has a black tipped fan like crest.
  • It has a long, slender, gently curved bill.
  • Both male and female are alike.
  • They can be found singly or in pairs.
Where do I find this bird:
  • You can find the Common Hoopoe in the DPS Tapi play field especially during winter. They are generally found on lawns, gardens and groves around villages and towns. These birds are found throughout India.
  • It walks and runs like a quail constantly probing into the soil with its bill for food. The bill is like forceps.
  • While digging the crest is folded back into a point behind the head. (See the photo gallery above.)
  • From time to time the crest is flicked open to become like a fan.
  • Its call is a soft, penetrating and musical, hoo-po or hoo-po-po. It makes this sound intermittently for 10 minutes at a stretch.
  • It feeds on insects, pupae etc, and is very beneficial for agriculture.
  • It nests mainly between February-May.
  • It’s nest is a natural tree-hollow or hole in the wall or ceiling of a building.
  • The nest is generally lined with straw, rags and rubbish and is filthy and gives out  a stench.
  • Both the male and female Hoopoes share in feeding the young
Local Names :

Hindi             : Hudhud
Gujarati         : Ghanti tankno, Hudhud
Marathi         : Hudhud
Malayalam    : Uppooppan
Tamil             : Chaval kuruvi