Spot-billed Duck

Spot-billed Duck near Delhi Public School Tapi at Surat.
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Scientific Name: Anas poecilorhyncha
Kingdom            : Animalia
Phylum               : Chordata
Class                    : Aves
Order                   : Anseriformes
Family                 : Anatidae
Subfamily           : Anatinae
Genus                  : Anas
Species                : A. poecilorhyncha

How do I identify this bird:
  • The Spot-billed Duck  is about 50-65 cms long.
  • The bird gets its name from the yellow and red spot on the bill.
  • The male has a red spot on the base of the bill. This spot is not very prominent or sometimes absent in the smaller and similar female.
  • It has a dark crown and eye-stripe,
  • It has a spotted breast and boldly scalloped flanks and white tertials.
  • The legs and feet of the Spot-billed Duck are bright orange.
Where do I find this bird:
  • It is a wetland bird and can be found in freshwater lakes and marshes in the open countryside.
  • If you make a trip to the fields and ponds around the villages near DPS Tapi you are sure to find them.
  • They generally are found as a couple or in small flocks.
  • Sometimes they can be found along with other birds like the Comb duck or Grebes and other wetland birds are found.
  • The Spot-billed Duck feeds on plant food mainly in the evening or at night.
  • The breeding season is generally when there is enough water. They breed mainly during the monsoon generally between July to September.
Local Names:

Hindi        :  Gugral,  Garm-pai
Assamese : Bor mughihans