Gadwall is found near Delhi Public School Tapi at Surat. (Please wait for a few seconds while the photos load onto the gallery. This may depend on your internet speed)

Scientific name : Anas strepera
Classification :
Kingdom  : Animalia
Phylum     : Chordata
Class          : Aves
Order         : Anseriformes
Family       : Anatidae
Genus        : Anas
Species      : A. strepera

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How to identify this bird:

  • The drake (male duck) Gadwall is mainly grey and dark brown with white belly.
  • The male also has a dark patch (very black tail end) at the rear.
  • It also has a glistening white patch on trailing edge of its wing which is broadly bordered in front with black and this can be seen during flight.
  • Then the bird is at rest a chestnut patch in front of the black and white speculum is a good pointer.
  • The drake has a dark bill.
  • The duck (female) is dark brown and mottled with buff.
  • The duck has yellow legs.
  • The duck has a bill with orange sides. (this is a good identification difference between female Mallard)
  • During flight of the duck we can see the white wing mirror just like in the drake, although we cannot see this while the duck is at rest.

Where do I find this bird:

  • The Gadwall is a winter visitor to Surat. It is one of the commonest migratory wildfowl you can see in Surat.
  • You can see this bird sometimes in flocks near DPS Tapi in shallow watery fields and marshes during the day.
  • But if you want to see them for sure in winter the wetland near Tena village (also near Chinni Village) is the best place. Our birding club members visit these places often, it is not too far from DPS Tapi about 15 minutes drive through the villages.
  • Generally in flocks or parties along with other ducks (Northern Shovellers, Spoit billed Ducks,  Eurasian Teals etc.)
  • It is generally a silent bird in winter and is largely vegetarian.

Local Names :

Hindi         : Beykhur, Myla, Bhuar
Bengali      : Peeing hans
Assamese  : Saru mugi hans