Cotton Teal

Cotton Teal also called as Cotton Pygmy-Goose  is found near Delhi Public School Tapi at Surat.
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Scientific Name: Nettapus coromandelianus
Classification :
Kingdom         : Animalia
Phylum           : Chordata
Class                : Aves
Order               : Anseriformes
Family             : Anatidae
Genus              : Nettapus
Species            : N. coromandelianus

How to identify this bird : 
  • The Cotton Teal is the smallest wild duck found in India about 30 -37 cms long.
  • It has a short bill which is like a goose and is deep at the base.
  • The birds (both male and female) have more white on their plumage.
  • However the male bird is glossy black above with white head, neck and underparts. Please observe the photo gallery above carefully.
  • The male also has a black cap, and black breast-band.
  • The female bird is paler.
  • The male has broad white band across wing, and female has white trailing edge to wing.
  • In non-breeding plumage the male bird resembles the female except for his white wing bar.
  • The eclipse male and female have dark stripe through eye.
Where do I find this bird:
  • Cotton Teal are generally found in small flocks in ponds which are covered with vegetation near DPS Tapi.
  • Sometimes you can find them in wet paddy fields etc.
  • They get used to human and vehicular movement if they are not molested. So you can observe them comfortably at a distance for a long time without them feeling shy and flying away.
  • They mainly feed on vegetable matter but also insects, crustaceans etc.
  • They nest during July-September by making a nest on natural hollows in tree trunks near water lined with grass, feathers etc.
Local Names : 

Hindi      : Ablak, Dubaru, Rahwara
Gujarati : Kalwelio
Bengali   : Bamuniya hans
Telugu    : Nalla chiluwa
Tamil      : Kurungalian