Montagu’s Harrier

Montagu’s Harrier is found near Delhi Public School Tapi at Surat. (Please wait for a few seconds while the photos load onto the gallery. This may depend on your internet speed)

Scientific Name : Circus pygargus
Classification :
Kingdom  : Animalia
Phylum     : Chordata
Class          : Aves
Order         : Accipitriformes
Family       : Accipitridae
Genus        : Circus
Species      : C. pygargus

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How to identify this bird:

  • The male Montagu’s Harrier is an ashy grey hawk (you can see this in the photo gallery above).
  • Its wings are long, pointed and narrow and has black tips which are visible clearly when they fly and reach the tail tip..
  • It has a grey throat and its breast is white below.
  • The male has black band across secondaries and extensive black on underside of primaries and rufous stripes on its belly and underwing coverts.
  • The female is brown with a buff coloured, owl like ruff round head.It has evenly barred underside to primaries with dark trailing edge.
  • The juvenile has unstressed rufous underparts and unnerving-coverts, and darker secondaries than female.

Where do I find this bird:

  • Around DPS Tapi you can see this bird flying gracefully over grasslands and standing crops during winter.
  • More chances of seeing this bird if you go further from DPS Tapi on the Dandi road.
  • The Mantagu’s Harrier prefers to be on the ground and not on trees or bushes.
  • It feeds on insects, reptiles, small birds and mammals.

Local Names:

Hindi    : Pattai, Dastamal, Girgit-mar
Bengali : Math Cheel
Telugu  : Pilli gadda, Tella chappe gadda
Tamil    : Poonai parundu