This is the blog of DPS Birders, the bird-loving students and teachers from Delhi Public School Surat and Delhi Public School Tapi, located in Surat, Gujarat.

Although primarily intended to be a platform for sharing bird information amongst the bird-watchers of the two schools, any other bird-lover irrespective of their age, sex or Nationality is welcome to interact on this blog.

Bird-watching is probably one of the most ancient hobbies on earth. Early humans, no doubt, began watching birds first, to hunt and eat them. But, they also used the colourful feathers, and bones and beaks, wasting nothing.Birds have been an inspiration to us from the earliest times, because they can fly. The land and water belonged to humans but birds had conquered the sky as well, through flight. Greek myth tells of Icarus who crafted wings on which he tried to fly. He failed, but became a symbol for human courage and aspirations.

In more modern times, bird-watching is a way to study a fascinating process of natural evolution in its manifold species and metamorphoses. Birds, the ways in which they have adapted to their environment, their nests, calls, eggs and numerous interesting traits have captured the imagination of ornithologists as well as others.

At Surat, we DPS Birders have another urgent motive – that of capturing the present on camera and preserving it for posterity. Surat is known as a fast expanding concrete jungle with little consideration for birds or their natural habitats. It is our quest to record the last flights and visits of our native birds as well as migratory visitors from other shores. Who knows, this blog may help preserve bird habitats alongside the current rapid urban growth.

We post information on and pictures of bird sightings in areas around the two schools in Surat. The locations of the two schools are excellent for birds and the area has seen quite a variety, including a variety of egrets, herons, cranes, ducks, spoonbills, swamp hens, openbills, ibises, storks and flamingos, to name a few. We wish to create awareness in our students about birds and the habitats that are essential for their survival.

You won’t find us in the usual haunts of bird-watchers. We avoid crowded spots. We capture in camera the birds, who like us, also avoid crowded spots and head for lesser known nooks and corners of villages on the outskirts of the city, where the two schools are located. DPS Tapi also has a Sparrow Court at school, with nesting pots, bajra and water. Students thus, observe the complete life-cycle of sparrows at school.